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Practice New Strategies

Grab one of our fresh accounts, offering you the freedom to explore new champions, builds and playstyles without the fear of losing your LP on your main account. Play with confidence, knowing that your main account remains untouched.

Play With Friends

Got a friend who plays like they’ve never seen a keyboard before? Don’t sacrifice your main account’s LP for their questionable gaming decisions. Grab a fresh account, so you can game with your buddy without the fear of your main account losing LP.

High LP Gains

If you’re experiencing bad LP gains on your main, that make you question your life choices, fear not! Our smurf accounts has good LP gains from the beginning. It’s like upgrading from a bike to a turbocharged race car.

Banrate Transparency

Unlike sellers claiming a mythical 0% banrate, we’re all about transparency. While our banrates are impressively low, we won’t promise perfection, that’s not possible. We believe in honesty, ensuring you’re fully informed.

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